Old Mandeville Woods
Between Labarre and Preval Streets
West of Soult St
Kevin Lilly of Showcase Properties (ShowcaseProp.com) is the agent for lots 5B, 8A, 12B and 14B. Contact him at 985-869-8690 and at kevinlilly@showcaseprop.com.

Old Mandeville Woods
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Typical Lot Layout and Landscaping in Wildlife Easements

Designer Woods are set within the wildlife easements which are 50 feet wide at the front and back of each lot and 10 feet-wide along each lot side. The minimum lot dimensions are 90 feet by 226 feet with the center portion measuring a minimum of 70 feet by 126 feet. The building site, lawn, and a pool are limited to this central area. Additional greenspaces include the 20 foot-wide strip containing the nature path along Old Mandeville Lane and the forested, undeveloped 53 foot-wide Louval Street right-of-way along the western boundary of the subdivision. Homes range in size from 2400 to 3000 ft2 and prices begin at $325,000.

The wildlife easements have become Designer Woods in which each homeowner adds their personal touch by modifying the plants to increase both the natural beauty and the wildlife habitat. Important native trees present include live oak, American holly, persimmon, mayhaw, crabapple, and black cherry. For additional diversity and wildlife food, the ubiquitous slash pine, loblolly, water oak, and black gum have been thinned and replaced by the builders with longleaf pine, red maple, carolina holly, red mulberry, papershell pecan, sawtooth oak, and domesticated persimmon. The abundant shrubbery of yaupon, wax myrtle, Cherokee and Choctaw rose, and American beautyberry has been thinned and augmented with blueberry, fig, spineless blackberry, Confederate rose, Louisiana iris, Florida anise, azalea, coral bean and other plants. The forest floor has been heavily mulched to limit weeds and planted with ardesia to eventually form an evergreen ground cover.

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