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Old Mandeville Woods
Between Labarre and Preval Streets
West of Soult St
Kevin Lilly of Showcase Properties (ShowcaseProp.com) is the agent for lots 5B, 8A, 12B and 14B. Contact him at 985-869-8690 and at kevinlilly@showcaseprop.com.

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Old Mandeville Woods Subdivision is a 2004 Northshore development by Londi Moore and Guy Songy of Chateau Nouveau using wildlife easement concepts of the landowner Ron Stoessell to preserve some of the forests as "Designer Woods." These concepts have recently been extended to the mountains of southwestern North Carolina where Ron Stoessell and Londi Moore began Cameron's Ridge in 2006. In Old Mandeville Woods, the perimeters of the nearly half acre lots have been enhanced with native plants to provide a beautiful lush green area of forest around each house and lawn. Chateau Nouveau has been the primary residential builder along with Integrity Builders and Richlyn Construction. Since Hurricane Katrina, the market has shifted to individuals purchasing lots and building their own homes using contractors approved by Chateau Nouveau. Please contact Kevin Lilly (985) 869-8690 for informtion on lots 5A, 8B, 12A, and 14A. For additional information, contact Londi Moore at (985) 705-1606 or Guy Songy at (985) 960-0161.

The Joys of Living in the Woods was the Inspiration for the Subdivision


Have you worked in the heat of the summer sun in south Louisiana -
When far away, there's the sound of thunder and the storm clouds begin to roll.
The cool wet wind sweeps away the summer heat and brings the rain.
It's just another south Louisiana rainstorm.

In the old days, homes were built in the woods to escape the summer heat.
The pines and oaks sheltered the land and cooled the surface below.
But times changed and the woods were cut
and replaced with lawns and concrete and black tar.
And now the summer heat is broken
only when thunder rolls and brings the summer rain.

Old Mandeville Woods is a remembrance of an earlier time.
We've surrounded each house and lawn with green woods
to cool the land like the summer rain on a hot summer day.
Come and see what we've done in the coolness of the woods.

Do You Remember, As a Child,

Chasing the flickering lights
of lightning bugs
on a summer night,

Spending July afternoons
eating ripe figs
from your very own tree;
Taking walks
through the woods
in late summer
while savoring the coolness
under the trees?

Do You Remember, being in awe,

of the extraordinary delicate beauty of Butterflies

And taking time to listen
to Mockingbirds
mimicing the birds around them

And the thrill of finding
a Deer watching you.

Those are the memories that inspired Old Mandeville Woods!


This started as the Dream

of Ron Stoessell, Londi Moore, and Guy Songy

And is Now a Reality!

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